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1. Why do I have to pay $20.00 per month per line?

After a careful analysis of the cost to provide this service, $20.00 a month was determined to be the fair cost for this service. Additional lines cost $20.00 per month.

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2. When I dial 7 to make an off campus call, I do not get dial tone.

On the new digital system you do not get dial tone after pressing the 7 to make an off campus call, just keep dialing. For example to dial the time dial 7 767-1234 with out stopping. NOTE: The digital system does not generate any audible tones.

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3. I cannot control my answering machine at home.

When you dial into some other voice mail system or answering machine, make a credit card call, call a pager or automated attendant, you need to turn on the tone sender before you can control the machine on the other end. After the system answers, dial a 9 to turn on the tone sender, your telephone should display "TONE SENDER ON." The tone sender must be turned on for each call you want to use it on. *NOTE: The digital system does not generate any audible tones.

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4. How do I put a call on hold?

The new system has an auto hold feature. If you are talking to someone on Access 1, Access 2 or Inquiry, the new system places them on hold automatically if you press one of the other line keys (Access 1, Access 2 or Inquiry). Also, place a line on hold by pressing that line button. For example, if you are talking to someone on Access 1, press Access 1 to put them on hold.

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5. What is Exclusive Hold and what is Common Hold?

Exclusive Hold means that the call can only be picked up by the telephone that put it on hold. When you select another line or press the access button, the system places the call on exclusive hold.

Common Hold means that you or someone can retrieve the call from another phone. To place a call on common hold, press 8 (or the common hold button) and hang up. To retrieve a call on common hold from another phone, call the extension (of the phone that placed the call on common hold) and then press 8.

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6. How do I transfer a call?

To transfer a call, press an available line button. Dial the new number and press the transfer button.

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7. How do I obtain additional speed dialing?

Please use the service request form on page 6 of the campus directory. Fill out all information in part 1. Under part 3 Other: write in "request individual abbreviated dialing." This is a chargeable feature. For the current price list, please see our web page.

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8. When I try to program my phone nothing seems to happen?

To program your phone, leave the hand set in the cradle (the phone hung up).

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9. When I press * * * to redial I keep getting an off campus number.

Redial calls the last off campus dialed (number dialed with a 7).

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10. Can I get my caller ID blocked like at home?

Effective June 30, 2011, all Cal Poly numbers display their actual phone number when dialing off campus.  Caller ID blocking is available for off campus phones with reasonable business justification. When authorized, your phone number will show as 805-756-1111 when dialing off campus.  To request Caller ID blocking, please use the Caller ID request form and in the comments box type in your justification for blocking your outgoing calls.  NOTE:  you can block your Caller ID from showing for a single outgoing call by dialing *42# then the phone number you are dialing.  This will block your number from being display for this single call.

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11. How do I place a conference call from an analog phone?

With the first party on the line: a) flash the switch hook, b) dial second party c) after they answer, press "3" to turn on "conference." You can repeat this process to a total of 8 parties. If you reach a busy signal, or someone's voice mail, or get no answer at all, press "2" to return to the conference call.

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12. How do I access my voice mail from off-campus?

1. Dial (805) 756-6245.

2. When the system responds with a greeting that says, "Thank you for calling Cal Poly", press * #.

3. Enter your 5-digit extension/voice mailbox #.

4. Enter your password.

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13. Your auth code is the code that allows you to make long distance calls. How do I use my auth code?

1. Dial *6*.

2. Enter 7-digit auth code.

3. Press # key.

a. Three quick beeps follow.

4. Dial 7 + 1 + area code + telephone number.

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1. Call yourself (accessible from your phone).

2. Leave yourself a message.

3. Delete the message and the light will turn off.

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15. Where do I report service problems with my phone?

1. Go to http://servicedesk/content/report-service-trouble

2. Submit an Report Service Trouble form to Telecom Services with the following information:

a. User Name

b. Telephone Number

c. Location of Phone (Building AND room #)

d. Description of problem

Repairs are usually done the same day they're reported. If reported late in the day, repairs will be done the next business day. We do not charge for repairs.

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16. How do I program my speed dial?

1. Press program button.

2. Press vacant function button.

3. Dial phone number.

4. Press selected button.

5. Press program button.

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17. How do I make a conference call?

1. With 1st party on phone, press the Inquiry key.

2. Dial the number of the second party.

3. After the second party answers, press 3.

4. One long beep will be heard.

5. Repeat these steps up to 8 times (with up to two off campus parties).

6. If second party is busy or does not answer, press clear to hang up phone. To return to the conference call, press the line button of the first party.

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18. What is my default password?

The last 5 digits of your phone number beginning with 6-XXXX. If this doesn't work, please ask your telephone coordinator to submit a Report Service Trouble form at  http://servicedesk/content/report-service-trouble to have your password reset.

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19. How do I change my password?

After you access your mailbox, press 6 to change your mailbox options.

Press 3 to review or change your password.

Press 1 to record a new password, it should be 5 digits long and the 1st digit cannot be a 0.

Press 9 to save this password.

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20. How do I activate the tone sender, and what is tone sender?

Once the call is answered, press 9 to turn tone sender on.

Dialing off campus automated attendants such as banks or paging someone requires the tone sender. Since Cal Poly uses a digital telephone PBX, the receiving phone can't "hear" the number dialed until after you press 9 to turn on tone sender.

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21. Can you see an incoming phone number on the second line of the dorms without picking up the phone?


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22. How do I forward my calls to another on-campus extension?

1. Press *2*, then the extension you want your calls to divert to.

2. Press # .

3. Press Clear.

*Note: Forwarding calls off campus is possible but requires setup by ITS-Service Desk Telephone Support.  Your telephone coordinator needs to submit a Telephone Service Request form at http://servicedesk/content/forms/web_forms/service_request.

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23. How do I un-forward my calls?

1. With the receiver down, press #2#.

2. Press the Clear button.

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24. Where can a dorm resident pay his or her phone bill?

Pay the dorm resident phone bill at the State Cashier's Office, Bldg. 1 Room 131 E or ext. 6-2256.

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25. How do I change my information in the portal telephone directory?

Caller should have his/her telephone coordinator submit a directory update form, located at http://servicedesk/forms/telephone_forms.html .

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26. How do I have a telephone moved or a new line installed?

Caller should have his/her telephone coordinator submit a Service Request form, located at http://servicedesk/content/forms/web_forms/service_request .

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27. How do I place a campus phone call?

Dial the five digit extension of the person you are calling. (6-XXXX)

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28. How do I place an off campus phone call?

Dial 7 + Telephone Number

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29. How do I do a last number redial?

Dial * * * (Off Campus Numbers Only)

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30. How do I call a toll free number?

Dial 7 + 1 + Toll-Free Number -- wait until your call is answered, then press 9 (Tone Sender On) + any further digits as necessary

For Pager Numbers: 7 + Pager Number -- wait until your call is answered, then press 9 (Tone Sender On) + Return Telephone Number + # [Pound Key]


7 + 1 + Area Code + Pager Number -- wait until your call is answered, then press 9 (Tone Sender On) + Return Telephone Number + # [Pound Key]

Using a Calling Cards: 7 + 1 + Toll-Free Calling Card Number -- wait until your call is answered, then press 9 (Tone Sender On) + follow your calling card dialing instructions

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31. How do I make an international call?

Dial 7 + 011 + Country Code + City Code + Telephone Number.

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32. Who can I share my auth code with?

Do not share your Auth Code. You hold responsibility for payment of all calls dialed with your Auth Code.

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33. How do I use my auth code for calls to the United States and Canada?

Dial * 6 * + (AUTH CODE) + # [# = Pound Key]

Hear three quick beeps.

Dial 7 + 1 + Area Code + Telephone Number

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34. How do I use my auth code For International Calls to Other Countries?

Dial * 6 * + (AUTH CODE) + # [# = Pound Key]

Hear three quick beeps.

Dial 7 + 011 + Country Code + City Code + Telephone Number

35. Can I buy a headset that works with our phone system?

Yes! It needs to be a universal headset with an amplifier base. One example would be the Plantronics S11.

If you are using the newer model Aastra branded phones (Available Mid-2014) with integrated headset port, you can purchase the less expense headsets.

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