Workstation Program

Campus Hardware Purchase (State, Cal Poly Corporation, ASI, and Auxiliaries)

A key goal of the campus Workstation Program is promotion of computing standards that improve security and reliability of the campus computing infrastructure. The campus Workstation Program seeks to simplify the ordering process and has a proven record of efficiently managing costs.

The Workstation Program Coordinator, Tom Sciortino ( will assist you with the creation of quotes, technical recommendations, ordering of computers and peripherals. Large volume orders are leveraged to realize additional savings.

The Cal Poly credit card (Pro Card) can be used to place orders up to $3,500. The Cal Poly "Dell and Apple Stores" should be used to create quotes, which can be forwarded along with your requisition to Purchasing.  Visit the Dell Premier or Apple Higher Ed sites to get started.

Current Recommended Workstations.pdf (April, 2014)

Fiscal Year 13-14:

Fiscal Year 12-13:

Fiscal Year 11-12:

Fiscal Year 10-11:

Personal Hardware Purchases for Faculty, Staff, and Students

If you are a student, faculty, or staff member at Cal Poly, you can take advantage of special pricing from Dell and Apple for personal use. Visit the Dell Premier or Apple Higher Ed sites to get started.



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