Telephones and Cellular Support

Telephone Support is responsible for the management, operation and maintenance of the campus telephone and voice mail systems. This includes all customer service and billing activities required by and provided to the faculty, staff and residence hall students. Telephone Support also manages the cellular phone program for the campus and provides consultative services for enhanced voice services.   Telephone Support also assists with issues related to campus pay phones.  Telephone coordinators play a key role in interaction with requesting services from ITS.   Departmental Telephone Coordinator Responsibilities .

Wired Campus Telephones

Telephone Label Templates
Telephone FAQs
Telephone User Guides
Report a problem with your phone
Outgoing Caller ID (Number Presentation)
Multiple Extensions for Caller ID Spreadsheet Template
SUBMIT a request for number presentation (Caller ID)
Audio and Web Conferencing
MultiMoves Spreadsheet Template
SUBMIT a service request to Request or Change Service (move, install, disconnect, or change lines and features)
Phone problems that may surface after telephone system maintenance

Voice Mail

Voice Mail Tips and Tricks
Voice Mail FAQs
Troubleshooting, Reference page
Email Notification of Voice Mail
Multiple Extensions for Voice Mail Notifications Spreadsheet Template
SUBMIT a request for email notification of voice mail
How to build a filter in Zimbra to forward voice mail to an external destination
SUBMIT a request for service

Billing Information

Service and Rate Fees
Faculty/Staff Billing
Information about the Pinnacle Billing System and Online Telephone Billing
SUBMIT a request to change billing

Cellular Phone Information for Faculty and Staff

New Cell Phone Policy and General Procedures
Mobile Devices: iPads, iPhones and More

  • Cal Poly Email and Calendar Settings
  • Cal Poly iPad Acquisitions
  • Mobile Security Profiles
  • Accessibility and Assistive Applications

iPhone Comparison of AT&T and Verizon
AT&T Wireless Information
Verizon Wireless Information  
Tethered "Hotspot" Services
Traveling Outside the United States with your Cell Phone?
Information on Discounts for Personal Cellular Service
Information on Government to Personal Cellular Service Transfers
Information on Vendor Smartphone Workshops
Cellular Loan Program
SUBMIT a request for Verizon or AT&T cellular service

Directory Information

AT&T Annual Telephone Book
Automated Operator
Campus Directory
SUBMIT a Directory Change Form

Student and Residence Hall Information

Residence Hall Telephone Information and References
Some cellular carriers provide discounts to Cal Poly students. Contact your carrier's customer service department for more information.
Contact ResNet to Report a Service Problem

News and Information

NEW Power point presentation from the 04/29/2014 Telephone Coordinators Meeting (PPT)
Includes telephone updates related to Automated Operator, Phone Directory Information, Services You Should Know About, New Desi Strip Request Form, New Aastra-Mitel Desk Phones, Unified Communications Plan and Cell Phone Hapenings.

Power point presentation from the 10/13/2009 Telephone Coordinators Open Forum (PPT)
Includes survey results, AT&T cellular services, new telephone services, online billing tips and tricks, and more.

University Telecommunications Policies

General Service Policy Information
Cellular Telephone Guidelines
Campus Telephone/Facsimile Machine Policy



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